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Deliver APIs with

APIs are the building blocks for all modern software.

Manage them with high standards, just like how you manage your code.

The #1 eBPF-Powered
API Observability Solution

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Data-Driven API Hub

Seekret’s non-intrusive listeners seamlessly capture application traffic and API metadata and turns them into a simplified catalog of your public, private, and partner APIs.

API Inventory
API Inventory

Centralize all your APIs into a single platform through continuous auto-discovery and get insights on their usage and performance.

Cross-Service Dependencies
Cross-Service Dependencies
Automated Tests
Automated Tests
API Documentation
API Documentation

API Behavior Modeling


Empower development with a holistic view of your application’s behavior through graph-based API flows that showcase the relationship between APIs and services, the order in which APIs are executed by application users, and the application’s overall architecture.

View sample data to further analyze and understand how APIs are consumed and used.

API Build Management

Automate virtually every step of the API development process, easily collaborate on API changes as part of your GitOps and CI workflows, and ensure APIs are built exactly how you want them.

Catch Breaking Changes
Catch Breaking Changes

Detect every API change and immediately see the impact those changes have on consumers. 

Understand Change Implications
Understand Change Implications
Proactive Build Automation
Proactive Build Automation

Track your posture and release APIs
with lightning-speed.


Determine how many API flows exist per service, whether your API count matches your documentation, and if any edge-cases of user behavior exists within each model.

Production Readiness
Production Readiness

The ultimate foundation for managing and maintaining APIs as they advance through the SDLC.

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Minimal System Impact.
Data Privacy Ensured.

Unlike other observability tools that require instrumentation and manual development work,
Seekret automates the API discovery process just by watching your application traffic.

  • iconNo instrumentation
  • iconNo source-code access required
  • iconPublic and private APIs
  • iconHigh production rates
  • iconSecure monitoring with full data anonymization & encryption
  • iconEnsured privacy by only capturing and storing API metadata
Supported Protocols
GitOps & CI Integrations
Supported Environments

Get that extra missing layer of visibility and insights
above logs, traces, and monitoring solutions.

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