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Mission Control
for Your APIs

Build your APIs as a product, increase engineering velocity, and guarantee resilience to failure with Seekret’s API observability platform.

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Empowering API-first development practices by
bringing production knowledge to local API development.

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Explore Your APIs
with Auto-Discovery

As your business continues to grow, so will the number of your APIs and the complexity of their schemas. Clarity on API usage, behavior, and evolvement will become your #1 priority in order to achieve API productization. 

Automating the complete discovery process of both private and public APIs, visualizing dependencies, and keeping up-to-date documentation at the rate of change will eliminate the need to manually manage your API assets and will scale your application faster, keeping your business in sync with market demand and the rise of API usage.

Gain Visibility
into API Behavior

As a service owner, visibility into your application’s business logic, as well as how your APIs are used by consumers, is critical in order to increase engagement and offer extraordinary experiences for both users and integrators.

Graph-based API models make API understanding simple as it showcases the interconnectivity and dependencies of all your services, allowing you to onboard and collaborate better, have a clearer view of your API architecture, and work faster.

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Ensure APIs are
at Pace with Development

Feature velocity and development hygiene is bound to plummet without a clear vision on how to track and handle the constant stream of API changes that take place within your development cycles.

With a glimpse into the future by catching breaking changes and understanding the impact on affected consumers and application behavior, you can provide your developers with actionable workflows that eliminate regressions, reduce developer toil, and take the guesswork out when pushing code to production.

Redefine How You
Govern Your APIs

Want lighting-fast release cycles that don’t compromise on
API reliability or feature velocity?

Configure guardrails and policies to your build process that enforces compatibility and construct a comprehensive view of your development activity to understand how your APIs have evolved over time and across environments. Now, it will be easier than ever to ascertain production readiness, advance APIs through the SDLC, and expose your APIs for public consumption.

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Dor Atias
VP R&D @ Cycode

A challenge we faced as an agile, cloud-native company was the constant stream of API changes within our distributed system. Once we deployed Seekret, we caught breaking changes in our APIs, understood their impact on application behavior, and created updated API documentation as the usage of our public APIs were rapidly increasing.

Case Study - Cycode

Manage your APIs, instead of them managing you.